Which children need vitamin supplements?

The greatest benefit of taking vitamin supplements is to ensure that the body is not deficient in vitamin as much as possible, and it can also help in the treatment and recovery of certain diseases. But the human body is very complex, only supplement one of the vitamins, insufficient intake of other nutrients may be sick. So which children need vitamin supplements?


First, long-term irregular diet, unable to ensure three meals a day on time. This is a bad habit that almost every child has. When parents eat, they can't force their child to eat together. They have to wait until they are free to feed him or when he is willing to eat. However, most of the vitamins needed by the human body come from the daily diet. If the daily diet does not provide enough vitamins for the child's body, his health will be affected.

Second, children who often get sick with colds. If your child's body is noticeably weaker than other children of the same age, there is a good chance that his body is deficient in certain vitamins. The human body is like a very complex chemical factory, with all kinds of biochemical reactions going on all the time every day. This reaction is closely related to enzyme catalysis. For an enzyme to be active, a coenzyme must be involved. We now know that many vitamins are either coenzymes or molecules of coenzymes. Therefore, appropriate vitamin supplementation can effectively help maintain and regulate the normal metabolic function of the human body. If the normal metabolic function of the child's body is affected, the protein to resist bacterial invasion is not enough to supply, the virus will be easier to invade, there will be children often get sick.

Third, children like picky food, which is basically when many children have bad habits. For example, some children like meat rather than vegetables, but vegetables are an important source of vitamins needed by the human body. Vitamins have a characteristic, is exogenous, the human body itself is unable to synthesize these vitamins, can only be supplemented through food. (Although vitamin D can be made in small amounts, it is important to take supplements.)

Fourth, children who like to eat fried food. As is known to all, potato chips, popcorn and snacks is the children's favorite, but eat the food of such high Fried class can make vitamin are highly susceptible to damage, excessive long cooking, repeated heating and placement process, can cause the food inside the huge loss of vitamin, can't earn enough vitamin in children. If children lack vitamin C, it will make children become more and more weak resistance, it is easy to catch colds, colds and other diseases. Vitamin C deficiency can also affect collagen production, preventing children from healing well, gums from appearing or developing poorly.

Fifth, children who suffer from insufficient exposure to the sun. Calcium is a very key element for the growth of children's bones and teeth. As we all know, vitamin D can help the absorption of calcium, because vitamin D has the role of regulating the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus, and can prevent rickets and rickets. When children are basking in the sun, their skin can synthesize vitamin D under the action of ultraviolet rays. Therefore, if children are not exposed to the sun for enough time, vitamin D also needs to be supplemented appropriately. The method of vitamin D supplement is actually very simple, cod liver oil and some vitamin D preparations can be used, according to the different stage of the child, different doses are different.

For children who meet any of these criteria, vitamin supplementation is very important. Of course, we cannot blindly abuse vitamin as a kind of universal drug, we should have a correct understanding of vitamin, especially when the body lacks a certain vitamin signal, it is necessary to timely supplement relative to it. In addition, it is recommended to consult a professional doctor before taking the dosage and time.


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