Tell you what the effect of calcium magnesium piece has?

There are a lot of people there are partial eclipse and fussy behavior, also does not have good living habits and eating habits, is very easy to cause the lack of some nutrient elements, in a timely manner appropriate to use some relevant health care products or dietary supplements can achieve good make up for the role, then come together to focus on the role and function of the calcium magnesium.


A, calcium

One of the important roles of calcium and magnesium tablets is to supplement calcium. In fact, people at different ages should supplement calcium, because calcium plays an important role in bones. Calcium deficiency will affect the normal function of bones and also easily induce some corresponding diseases. Tomson times nutrilite calcium magnesium ingredient calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, lactose, povidone K30, hydroxypropyl cellulose, silica, magnesium stearate, is one of the very famous brand, most people will use this product to have the effect of calcium supplementation, through the use of the product helps to prevent and improve the symptom of osteoporosis, the waist pain relief effect is good. The calcium in Tomson Behealth calcium and magnesium tablets is involved in muscle regulation and normal nerve function, as well as helping to relieve tension and improve sleep.

Second, the magnesium

Tomson times nutrilite calcium magnesium products is relatively high, the content of magnesium in this is also a human must trace elements, it can promote the absorption of calcium, is also a natural sedative, can promote blood circulation, also can let the brain get relax, general advice to use this product before I go to bed, can play a tranquilizer and sedative, It will also be of great help to alleviate insomnia. Tomson Bejian calcium and magnesium tablets are suitable for people who need to supplement calcium and magnesium. It is generally recommended that they only need to be used twice a day, and each time they use one after a meal, the effect can be achieved. The shelf life is only two years.

Calcium magnesium belongs to a common product, can get the current in each big pharmacy, also can choose to the mall to buy some health, actually the goods are worth people hard to understand, need to strictly according to the correct way to use, so to help us better to regulate their own body, also can prevent the occurrence of some related diseases.


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