What do the effect of calcium magnesium piece and action have?

In daily life, many people are eating calcium magnesium, but most people don't know the effect of calcium magnesium, calcium magnesium is a kind of contains minerals necessary for human body, calcium and magnesium tablets, calcium magnesium extracted from plants, does not contain essence and preservative, is a kind of natural health products, have very good health care function to human body, so what is the role and function of the calcium magnesium?


The role of calcium and magnesium tablets

Calcium builds strong bones and teeth, reduces bone loss due to aging, and relieves osteoporosis. It can reduce blood pressure to a certain extent, reduce the accumulation of aluminum in the body, help reduce cholesterol level, and prevent alzheimer's disease, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. Helps normal nervous system function and blood clotting after injury; Helps muscles contract and expand, and regulates the heartbeat.

Magnesium can effectively prevent and improve osteoporosis and strengthen bones and teeth. Helps blood circulation and relaxes nerves, maintaining normal muscle (including myocardium) and nerve activity. It is beneficial to protein production, fat metabolism and the composition of genetic genes (DNA), and can activate enzymes; Reduces the formation of liver, gallbladder and kidney stones, as well as the chance of soft tissue calcification.

The function of calcium and magnesium tablets

The functions of calcium:

Calcium can strengthen bone and prevent bone evacuation; Maintain muscle contraction and expansion, and regulate heart and blood clotting; Help the normal operation of the nervous system, relieve nervous tension, alleviate insomnia; Helps lower cholesterol levels and prevent high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases; Helps iron metabolism in the body; Reduce the accumulation of aluminum in the body, has a preventive effect on Alzheimer's disease; Can reduce the hyperplasia of intestinal mucous membrane cell, reduce the dangerous sex of colonic cancer thereby.

Functions of magnesium:

Magnesium is the main component of a variety of enzymes, which is conducive to protein production, fat metabolism, and the composition of genetic material DNA, and can activate enzymes; Help strengthen the contractile force of heart muscle, avoid vascular embolism; Prevent cardiovascular spasm, reduce platelet aggregation in blood vessels, thus preventing hypertension, arrhythmia, coronary atherosclerosis; Helps blood circulation and nerve conduction, and helps maintain normal muscle and nerve activity. It can reduce the formation of liver, gallbladder and kidney stones and the chance of soft tissue calcification. Helps the body absorb and use calcium; A mind-body balancer, a mineral known for its anti-stress properties; It helps cells absorb calcium and strengthens the immune system.


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