Why should children take probiotics

We all know about probiotics, which can improve digestion and so on, so why do children need probiotics? Let's take a look with Trace.


Probiotics is a kind of living bacteria preparation, it can promote the balance of bacteria in the body, by inhibiting and killing pathogenic bacteria, to promote the survival of beneficial bacteria, and then adjust the gastrointestinal flora, enhance intestinal resistance, achieve the treatment of abdominal distention, diarrhea, constipation and other dyspepsia.

1. Improve the symptoms of diarrhea and constipation: Probiotics, as a kind of beneficial bacteria supplemented from the outside, will regulate the balance of bacteria in our intestinal tract after entering the intestinal tract, so as to improve the symptoms of diarrhea and constipation, and to some extent, increase the self-regulation function of the intestinal tract.

2, improve the symptoms of indigestion: probiotics can regulate the intestinal microecological state, help the baby absorb the nutrients needed, so as to better promote digestion.

3, improve the child's immunity: as the regulatory organ of the human immune system, the intestinal tract is very important. The intake of probiotics can not only help intestinal peristalsis, but also stimulate the human immune system and enhance the immune system function of the baby.

4, reduce the side effects of antibiotics on children: taking antibiotics will kill a lot of useful bacteria for us, the disappearance of these beneficial bacteria, will lead to imbalance in our intestinal immune system, for the baby taking antibiotics, timely supplementation of probiotics, conducive to the body recovery. In general, it is best to wait two hours after taking antibiotics before taking probiotics.

Generally, infants 3 months after birth can begin to gradually supplement some dairy products containing probiotics, especially children born by Caesarean section or premature delivery, generally have low immunity and are prone to colds and enteritis, so probiotics can be appropriately added.


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