What are the effects and effects of vitamin C?

Vitamin C is one of the essential elements in the body and has a structure similar to glucose, also known as ascorbic acid. In life, people often send vitamin C and other health care products to relatives and friends, so what are the effects and effects of vitamin C?

1, enhance resistance

Vitamin c for our human body has many benefits, one of the first is to strengthen our resistance, vitamin c can promote the iron, calcium, and the use of folic acid, which is converted into the human body needed nutrients, we could eventually improve our body's immune system, reduce the occurrence of diseases such as colds, this is one of the reasons why so many people love vitamin c.

2, treatment of scurvy

The strength of the vascular wall has a lot to do with VC. When vc is insufficient in the body, the microvessels are prone to rupture and blood flows to adjacent tissues. When this happens on the surface, bruises and blotches are produced; When it occurs in the body, it can cause pain and joint swelling. In severe cases, bleeding may occur in the stomach, intestines, nose, and below the periosteum, and even death. Vc can reduce capillary brittleness and increase body resistance.

3, prevent bleeding gums

Gingival is soft tissue, when lack of protein, calcium, VC easy to produce gingival atrophy, bleeding. Vitamin C helps to strengthen cell tissue, promote collagen synthesis, strengthen bones and teeth, and prevent bleeding gums.

4, whitening sunscreen

Scientific research shows that vitamin C also has the function of whitening and sunscreen, which is a topic of concern for many beauty loving women. A certain amount of vitamin C can improve facial pigment, so as to protect the skin.


5. Heal wounds

When there is wound rupture and bleeding accidentally on the body, vitamin C is helpful to stop bleeding as soon as possible. Vitamin C has a good role in preventing various joint pains, and can also reduce the metabolism of various amino acids and prolong life.

6, detoxification

Vitamin C can relieve the toxic effects of heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic.

7. Prevent cancer

Many studies have shown that vitamin C can prevent cancer by blocking the synthesis of cancer-causing n-nitroso compounds.


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