Cod liver oil and vitamin D which good?

Vitamin D can promote calcium absorption, in order to the healthy growth of children, many parents will help children vitamin D supplement, including cod liver oil is a kind of vitamin D supplements, cod liver oil on vitamin D levels in the general specification, a grain of cod liver oil vitamin D levels will be about 0.75 3 micrograms, is not too high. Cod liver oil also contains vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids, which are more nutritious than vitamin D supplements, but which one is better depends on the nutritional needs. Check out the vitamin D content of cod liver oil.

One, cod liver oil vitamin D content is high

The main function of vitamin D is to improve the small intestinal mucosa of the absorption of calcium, phosphorus, promote renal tubular on the absorption of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D deficiency can lead to bone tissue calcification dysfunction, rickets, osteomalacia, so many mothers would vitamin D supplements for children, one of cod liver oil is a good complement vitamin D supplements, So how much vitamin D does cod liver oil contain?

In general, normal cod liver oil is made of high quality extracted cod liver oil as raw material, through scientific ratio, various nourishment composition and its content is more moderate, with common cod-liver oil soft capsule on the market, for example, a grain of cod liver oil soft capsule, usually their vitamin D levels will be about 0.75 3 micrograms, specific how many can be seen as the data on the table.

According to research, a vitamin D intake of 400IU per day (10μg) is sufficient to prevent rickets, and infants aged 0-12 months should reach this level regardless of feeding regimen; Toddlers, children, and adults beyond 12 months of age should reach 600IU/ day (15μg) through diet and/or supplements, so cod liver oil is not considered high in vitamin D in relative terms.


Second, cod liver oil and vitamin D which good

Vitamin D is one of the babies and infants growth must nutrients, it can be through the transformation of sunlight hits the skin, but to outdoor activities, less sunshine kids, through diet and supplement vitamin D supplements are necessary, vitamin D supplements can eat cod-liver oil, also can eat vitamin D, so these two kind of good?

The difference between cod liver oil and vitamin D is mainly in terms of composition. The main component of vitamin D is vitamin D. In addition to vitamin D3, cod liver oil also contains vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids, both of which are beneficial to the body, helping to replenish calcium and vitamin D and promote calcium absorption. However, since most children are deficient in vitamin D, and vitamin A is easily excessive, vitamin D supplements are safer if they are not needed.

In A word, these two health care products do not have what kind of good statement, but to see the nutritional supplement needs, it is recommended to take under the doctor's advice, if you need to supplement vitamin A and D3 at the same time, you can choose cod liver oil; If only vitamin D is needed, it is recommended to buy a vitamin D supplement.


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