What are the manifestations of vitamin D3 deficiency?

The body produces about 200 to 400 ius of vitamin D3 daily. Vitamins D2 and D3 present in food are absorbed by the gut. When the ultraviolet rays of the sun hit the skin, the 7-dehydrocholesterol in the skin can be converted into vitamin D3. Our daily needs of vitamin D, in addition to a small part of the food supply, mainly through the sun exposure and obtain, so it is also called the sunshine vitamin. One important function of vitamin D3 is to improve the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the body. Insufficient vitamin D3 has been linked to serious consequences, such as osteoporosis and cancer. The following is a detailed description of the role of vitamin D3, and the lack of vitamin D3 performance.

The role and function of vitamin D3

1. It can improve the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in human body and promote the saturation of calcium and phosphorus in plasma.

2, can promote human growth and development and bone calcification, protect dental health.

3, can increase the absorption of phosphorus through the intestinal wall, but also through the renal tubules to increase the reabsorption of phosphorus.

4, can promote the balance of citrate in the blood.

5, can prevent kidney loss of amino acids.

6, can reduce the incidence of common cancers, such as breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer and so on.

7, can prevent autoimmune diseases, hypertension and infectious diseases.

8, vitamin D3 can regulate the development and function of the placenta, so pregnant women to maintain adequate vitamin D3 content, can prevent abortion, pre-eclampsia and preterm birth.

Manifestations of vitamin D3 deficiency

I. Hypertension

If you don't have enough vitamin D3 in your body, you will develop high blood pressure, which will not only damage your health, but also shorten your life. People with high blood pressure should spend some time in the sun every day to ensure that the body is properly absorbing vitamin D and calcium.

Second, the depression

Feeling depressed is another potential symptom of vitamin D3 deficiency. Not getting enough sun can have a negative effect on mood, making people feel low and hopeless.


Three, fatigue and weakness

Like depression, chronic fatigue is another symptom of vitamin D3 deficiency. Without this essential vitamin, people will feel exhausted and struggle to perform even simple daily tasks. In addition, fibromyalgia and other related diseases can develop, and muscles can feel weak and tense.

Four, chondrosis

The body needs vitamin D3 to ensure proper absorption of calcium. This vitamin is also a hormone and helps absorption by binding to calcium. Without vitamin D3, the body cannot fully absorb calcium. A lack of calcium can lead to rickets, a disease in which the bones become soft.

5. Bone pain

Vitamin D3 deficiency can also cause severe bone pain, especially in the joints where the muscles connect the bones. Such symptoms should be diagnosed by a doctor immediately.

How to supplement vitamin D3

Since vitamin D3 is so important to the human body, it is very important to properly supplement vitamin D3 once the body is deficient. Here are three ways to get natural vitamin D3.

1. Make sure you get enough sun

The ideal is to get 40 percent of your body in the sun for 15 to 20 minutes a day without sunscreen. Depending on where you live, some people may not be able to do it all year round.

Of course, you need to be careful to prevent skin cancer, but if you avoid sunlight altogether, you won't get this important nutrient from the sun. You don't want to get too much sun exposure, but your body does, and you can try to find a balance.

Take vitamin supplements

Many scientists and experts recommend taking a daily vitamin D3 supplement. However, depending on your age and current vitamin D3 levels, consult a professional to find out what dose you need.

Eat foods rich in vitamin D3

Although most foods are not rich in vitamin D3, there are some exceptions, such as wild salmon, tuna, sardines and other fatty fish are rich in vitamin D3. Mushrooms and eggs also contain small amounts of vitamin D3.


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