Can eating Coenzyme Q10 improve egg quality in preparation for pregnancy?

Can eating Coenzyme Q10 improve egg quality in preparation for pregnancy? As an auxiliary drug, Coenzyme Q10 is beneficial to improve the quality of sperm and egg. Therefore, many women who are preparing for pregnancy will use coenzyme Q10, a health care drug, to improve the quality of their eggs, so as to improve the chance of conception. Here is a detailed introduction to the role of coenzyme Q10 in women's preparation for pregnancy. Let's have a look together.

First, what effect does coenzyme Q10 have on female ovary

Studies have shown that peroxides in and around eggs can reduce the activity of embryos formed from eggs, reduce pregnancy rate and increase spontaneous abortion rate. The increase of oxygen free radicals with age leads to the decrease of egg quality and the increase of egg aneuploidy, and the reduction of full-function mitochondria and ATP content in the egg of elderly women. However, when the ATP content in the embryo is ≥2pmol, the fertilized egg is easy to implant and continue development. Therefore, coenzyme Q10 can be supplemented to improve egg quality and pregnancy outcome in elderly people.

The peroxide in the female ovary can reduce the activity of the embryo formed by the egg, and Coenzyme Q10 just has antioxidant effect. After taking this drug, women can also reduce the spontaneous abortion rate, but also reduce the probability of the formation of deformed babies.


Can eating Coenzyme Q10 improve egg quality in preparation for pregnancy

Coenzyme Q10 mainly promotes oxidative phosphorylation reaction and protects the integrity of biofilm structure. It is an activator of cellular respiration and metabolism, an important antioxidant and a non-specific immune enhancer. In clinical application, it is good for the patient's physical health. While enhancing the patient's physical constitution, it is also good for the patient's egg treatment, which can indirectly improve the patient's egg quality. Moreover, clinical trials have shown no abnormal effects on conception or fetal development, so women can take CoQ10 to prepare for pregnancy.


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