What do compound vitamin action and effect have?

A multivitamin is A combination of vitamins, such as vitamins A, B, C, D, and E. What do compound vitamin action and effect have? Taking multivitamins can prevent brain degeneration, prevent malnutrition, supplement the nutrition of the elderly, maintain body metabolism, etc., suitable for irregular diet, imbalance, partial eating, picky eating, can not ensure the daily three meals a day to eat. Let's learn more about multivitamins.

First, the function and efficacy of multivitamins

1. Prevent brain degeneration

Multivitamin supplements are not necessary for people who are well nourished. However, if the body has a multivitamin deficiency, taking a multivitamin can help the body replenish the multivitamin as soon as possible, so that the vitamin in the body can effectively participate in the vitality of brain cells and prevent brain degeneration.

2. Prevent malnutrition

For PEOPLE WITH MALNUTRITION, the body is easy to lack a variety of vitamins, after eating vegetables and fruits and other foods rich in vitamins, combined with taking multivitamins can be very good to help prevent malnutrition. Because multivitamins are distributed according to a certain proportion of vitamins, this can avoid too much of a vitamin and affect the body's absorption and metabolism of other vitamins.

3. Nutritional supplements for the elderly

As the elderly get older and older, their physical functions decline to different degrees. In particular, many elderly people's teeth become loose and fall out, and many foods cannot be eaten normally. Taking multivitamins in the right amount can help them to supplement their nutrition.

4. Maintain body metabolism

The vitamins and minerals in the human body play a vital role in maintaining normal metabolism. If the body is deficient in multiple vitamins, it is easy to cause metabolic dysfunction and many diseases in the body. Multivitamins can help to replenish the body's multivitamin needs and avoid multivitamin deficiency in the body.

Two, compound vitamin for what crowd to eat

Multivitamins are suitable for the following people:

1, irregular diet, unbalanced, partial food, picky food, can not ensure three meals a day.

2, in some special working state of the people need to and multivitamin "intimate contact", such as always sitting in front of the computer, work pressure, highly nervous, frequent business trips "trapeze", or all year long in the high temperature, cold environment of the people.

3. People with bad living habits.

4, in the special physiological cycle, such as pregnant women or patients.

5. Old people. It has been reported that vitamin supplementation is also beneficial for the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Three, multivitamin edible matters needing attention

1, to choose the formal dosage form. Must take the national standard over-the-counter multivitamin specifications.

2. Supplement daily according to the reasonable dose recommended by the doctor or nutrition personnel.

3. Vitamin supplementation is a long-term, regular process,

4, if it is obvious that a certain vitamin deficiency, should supplement a single vitamin.


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