How to buy Coenzyme Q10?

Coenzyme Q10 products sold on the market vary in quality and price, it is difficult to choose the right coenzyme Q10 for yourself, but don't worry, the following will teach you how to buy coenzyme Q10, and the criteria for choosing Coenzyme Q10. Coenzyme Q10 should be selected according to the physical condition of the user. Secondly, when you buy, you need to check the content of coenzyme Q10. The content of coenzyme Q10 determines its effect. Read on to find out more about Coenzyme Q10.


First, how to buy coenzyme Q10

1. See if it is suitable for you to take

Coenzyme Q10 is suitable for patients with diabetes, cancer, anti-aging people, people with low immunity and patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Those who should not take it include teenagers and people with allergies, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and women who are not using birth control but are trying to conceive.

2. See the strength of scientific research

Modern society is a scientific and technological society, the quality of products is often determined by its scientific research team is strong.

3, look at purification technology

High temperature purification is easy to lose enzyme activity, low temperature and ultra-low temperature purification method Coenzyme Q10 quality is good.

4. Look at the production line

Coenzyme products are easily absorbed by the body when wrapped in soft capsules, while hard capsules are not ideal. The production enterprise must pass the national GMP certification.

Second, the selection criteria of coenzyme Q10

1. Whether there is an approval document

Check the website of the State Drug and Food Administration to see if it has formal approval. Health care products without approval number or smuggled through mail order have no guarantee of quality and can not protect your own rights and interests.

2. Content comparison

The national food and drug administration clearly stipulates that the intake of coenzyme Q10 should not exceed 50mg. If the content is too low, it will not only waste our money, but also can not meet the actual needs of treatment and health care. If the content is too high, our body can not absorb it, not only waste, but also may bring harm to the body, which is not desirable!

3. Comparison of production process

Whether microbial fermentation process is used. Coenzyme Q10 production process is different, the cost and effect have obvious difference. Coenzyme Q10 extracted from tobacco leaves and then chemically synthesized by solanol has low cost, low purity and great difference from the coenzyme Q10 synthesized by human body, so the effect is not good. The coenzyme Q10 used in food grade in foreign countries is almost produced by fermentation.

4. Brand guarantee

Coenzyme Q10 brand is the guarantee of quality, choose the genuine manufacturer's products, excellent quality, the effect of nature is good.


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