What do the action of calcium magnesium piece and effect have?

Calcium and magnesium tablets have been shown to help build strong bones, relieve osteoporosis symptoms and help lower cholesterol levels, as well as improve Alzheimer's disease, high blood pressure and prevent heart disease. So the whole for the elderly, the role and effect is a lot, about it this aspect of the specific content, let's have a brief understanding.


Effects and functions of calcium and magnesium tablets

1. Improve bone health

Human body lack of calcium and magnesium, are all symptoms may lead to bone, such as common is osteoporosis or easy to fall off teeth, and prone to fracture, etc., these are related to calcium and magnesium elements, so the appropriate supplement is can help play a strong and healthy bones, alleviate symptoms of osteoporosis, As well as helping to effectively avoid some common bone symptoms. Especially for middle-aged and elderly people, the older you get, the more cobalt you lose, and the greater the need to replenish these elements.

2. Lower cholesterol levels

Calcium and magnesium tablets are effective in helping to lower cholesterol levels because they help to effectively inhibit the accumulation of oil in the body. When the blood is permeable enough, it can effectively avoid the related symptoms, so for patients with high cholesterol, it can also be appropriate to supplement.

3. Prevent heart disease

May be most people don't know, calcium magnesium is to a certain extent, have the effect of the prevention of heart disease at the same time, also can help effectively ease alzheimer's disease, caused by high blood pressure symptoms, not only that, but it also has a calming effect, can make the operation of the nervous system to a normal level, play a role in sleeping.

So in fact, the role and function of calcium and magnesium tablets is still very much, but the appropriate choice of dosage and brand should be considered, in addition, you can choose to take ammonia sugar chondroitin. It will be more targeted elements, such as calcium carbonate, chondroitin sulfate, D-glucosamine hydrochloride, magnesium stearate and so on. Can help effectively fill the cartilage, protect the joint, enhance bone density


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