What does the note that fills potassium have?

Potassium is one of the most important elements in human body, and the health of human body cannot be separated from the important role of potassium. Some people only pay attention to supplement calcium and zinc in their daily life, but ignore the importance of filling potassium. Too little potassium in the body is the normal function of the human body can not run smoothly. In the process of filling potassium in us, in fact, there are a lot of details worth our attention, what are the matters needing attention of filling potassium? Let's take a look.


1. Oral potassium supplementation is safer

Supplement potassium way has a lot of, the commonly used method is the way of oral or intravenous, these two approaches can achieve the goal of effective supplement of potassium in the body, but professional doctors advice, had better fill in potassium is to choose the former, namely the oral potassium, had better not or less potassium supplement by intravenous injection, so that the efficiency of potassium supplement is higher, more safety.

2. Pay attention to the timing of potassium supplementation for special patients

Some patients without urine or oliguria sometimes also need to supplement potassium, but for them to fill potassium must grasp the time and opportunity to fill potassium. When patients with anuria and oliguria need potassium supplementation, it is important to note that the first step is to restore their blood volume and encourage them to urinate. Wait until their urine volume exceeds 30ml/h before potassium supplementation. This is the point that patients must pay attention to when taking potassium supplementation.

3. Grasp the amount of potassium supplementation

When taking an intravenous potassium supplement, be sure to keep the potassium content in the 500ml liquid to no more than 1.5g. Also pay attention to the rate of potassium supplementation, for adults, the rate should be less than or equal to 60 drops per minute. The wrong way to replenish potassium is to use 10% potassium chloride solution as a direct intravenous push.

4. The total amount of potassium supplementation should be strictly controlled

If you are taking a daily potassium supplement, you must be careful to calculate the amount of potassium you are taking every day. For general fasting patients, the dosage of potassium supplementation is the most appropriate use of 10% potassium chloride 30ml. For patients with severe potassium deficiency, no more than 8 grams per day.

Did you learn the ins and outs of potassium supplementation? So when you are close to friends and relatives in the potassium supplement must remind them of these precautions. Potassium supplements are important for your body, but if you don't take them in the right way or in the wrong amount, they can have the opposite effect and potentially affect your health. For the sake of your family, friends and your own health, these details must be kept in mind.


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