What is short of potassium to eat good 5 kinds fill potassium food to help your health

Potassium is an essential nutrient in the body, which can maintain the normal function of nerves and muscles. If the lack of potassium in the body, not only physical strength and energy have different degrees of decline, but also bring many other adverse symptoms, such as: limbs weakness, metabolic disorders, heart rate disorders and so on. So, if the body lacks potassium, what should we eat?


1, seaweed,

Laver is food for potassium of choice, it is rich in potassium content, and after the intake by human body, it is easy to be absorbed, under the condition of the body is short of potassium, everyday can drink laver soup, one laver egg soup is the most common, is the most common in the family at the dinner table of a soup, and was deeply loved by the masses of friends.

2, banana

Potassium element IS CONTAINED in BANANA MUCH, FILL POTASSIUM with it IS THE thing that A LOT OF friends are CLEAR. The main nutrients in bananas are sugar, potassium and vitamin B6, so eating more bananas daily can not only help supplement the necessary potassium in the body, but also help dredge the stomach and intestines, for defecation, and protect the health of the stomach and intestines.

3, potatoes,

For the lack of potassium in the body of friends, potatoes can be eaten as a staple food, because they are the same as rice flour, containing rich starch, and different from rice flour is that the potassium nutrient density in potatoes is higher, especially effective for filling potassium, so it is very suitable for the lack of potassium, as a staple food for eating.

4. Whole grains

White rice nutrients are lost too much, relative to the grain of millet, oats, Chinese sorghum, low potassium content of white rice, so in order to give the body potassium, daily should eat grain, or red bean porridge in hot fat with a bit of oat, or directly with millet congee, Chinese sorghum cooking can be very good to improve the body symptoms of potassium deficiency.

5, low sodium salt

Replacing regular salt with low-sodium salt can also help replenish potassium in the body. Because low sodium salt is rich in potassium, it is more effective than ordinary salt. Especially for patients with hypertension, daily consumption of low sodium salt can play a very good role in stabilizing the disease.

Potassium plays an important role in the normal function of the human body movement and normal activities, when the body potassium deficiency, it is necessary to replenish potassium for the body in time. The above five types of food can effectively supplement the potassium content in the body, for friends who lack potassium, it must be worth a try.


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