How can old people be short of potassium fill short of potassium eat these food

Many elderly people often fatigue, and sometimes also can appear the symptoms of dizziness, nausea, fatigue, in particular, these symptoms are the cause of the lack of potassium in the body, because the people to the middle-aged can easily cause serious lack of potassium, so for this kind of situation will be to find ways to treat in time, or it will have serious consequences, chest tightness, palpitations Let Xiaobian say that the elderly lack of potassium how to fill?


1. Drink more tea and water

Some experts found that tea contains a certain amount of potassium, so tea is one of the best potassium supplement food, especially in summer when the elderly have fatigue, fatigue, night sweats, tea can alleviate the symptoms, but also can help the human body to take a proper amount of potassium to maintain normal vital signs.

2, eat more potassium fruit

In fact, there are many fruits that contain potassium around us. For example, bananas are the most typical and rich in iodine. The elderly especially need to eat a lot of bananas, and tomatoes, cantaloupes, dates, mangoes and other fruits have high potassium content.

3. Grains and beans

A lot of cereal food is like corn, buckwheat, sweet potato is very nutritious value, their potassium content has exceeded our usual food, there are beans food, such as soybeans, peanuts, walnuts and so on, these are very good potassium-containing food.

4. Vegetables and algae

We all know that the potassium content of dark vegetables is high, such as water spinach, red amaranth, coriander and so on, and the potassium content of carrots, leeks, mushrooms and so on is also much. There is the food of sea algae, kelp, laver is the most typical potassium food.

The above is a summary of foods containing potassium by Xiaobian. If the elderly suffer from potassium deficiency, they can relieve symptoms as long as they eat more of the above foods, and can also add a large amount of potassium to help the body return to normal.


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