What should eat coenzyme q10 notice?

Eating coenzyme q10 has a good health effect on both adults and children. When taking coenzyme q10, we should take into account the contraindications and precautions, such as dosage or contraindications, but on the whole, the efficacy and effect of coenzyme q10 is greater than the harm, as long as it can be taken correctly and reasonably. We can make sure that it brings us all the good and not the bad. The following is to understand the precautions of taking coenzyme q10, and the contraindications of taking coenzyme q10.


1. Contraindications of coenzyme q10

1. Do not take it with anticoagulants

Because there are many brands of coenzyme q10 on the market now, different brands may need to pay attention to the taking matters are different, for example, some coenzyme q10 can not be taken together with anticoagulant drugs, because q10 itself may affect the efficacy of the drug, taking at the same time may lead to a bad outcome, but affect our health.

2. Strictly control the intake of coenzyme q10

Secondly, we should pay attention to the need to control its dosage, do not feel that the higher the content of its medicinal value is higher, and it is not the truth. Because everyone's physique is different, the absorption capacity is also different, if you take too much, it will inhibit our body's ability to synthesize q10 itself, the burden on the kidney will be intensified, so control the dose, is the best protection for yourself.

3. Don't drink over-saturated drinks

Generally, people who want to take q10 have more or less heart problems, so if you drink too much saturated drinks, or eat too much food, it will lead to abdominal distention, and finally pressure your heart, so that its beating is limited, which is very adverse to the development of the disease, so the diet must be controlled well.

Second, what should you pay attention to when eating coenzyme q10

1, pregnant women, children, allergic people carefully take coenzyme q10

Because pregnant women, children, and people with allergies have special physical conditions, you should consult a doctor or expert before taking coenzyme q10.

2. Coenzyme q10 has the best effect when taken after meals

Coenzyme q10 is a fat-soluble substance. Taking coenzyme q10 while eating fatty plants increases the absorption rate in the gut, so it is best taken after meals.

3. Pay attention to the amount of coenzyme q10

Supplement coenzyme q10 should pay attention to the amount, coenzyme Q 10 can be produced by itself, just like insulin, do not oversupplement, so as to avoid affecting their own function or dependence.


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