How to replenish minerals in the body?

Minerals are the basic substances that constitute human life activities. Only by adding the minerals needed by the body can the body operate normally. Minerals include calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and other elements in the body, which can regulate the body fluids and control the activity of nerve veins. Let me give you a specific popularization of it.


1. Iron

In order to supplement the needed iron in the body, it is necessary to eat more lean meat, spinach, animal liver and other foods in daily life. These foods are rich in iron, which plays an important role in the human body. And eat more lean meat can also supplement the body needs protein and other nutrients.

2. Zinc

Zinc is an important element for the development of human bones. Many teenage friends often have stunted growth and short stature because of the lack of zinc in their bodies. You can eat more fish, eat more pig liver, you can add a lot of zinc element.

3. Iodine

Once there is a lack of iodine in the body, it may lead to their own goiter problem. Iodine also maintains its own neuroregulatory system. In order to supplement the iodine needed in the body, you can eat more seaweed, kelp and other seafood, can achieve a very good iodine supplement effect.

4. Selenium

The main role of western elements is to achieve an antioxidant effect, which can effectively protect the red blood cells in the body, but also to achieve a cancer prevention effect, supplement the selenium needed in the body can be in daily eating more cabbage, eat more pumpkin, eat more corn can achieve a good selenium supplement effect.

5. Copper

Copper element is also a necessary element for the normal operation of human physiology, and its main function is to participate in hematopoietic function. Eating more prawns and animal liver in daily life can also achieve a good effect of copper element supplement. Many juices are also rich in copper element.

We must now have a clearer understanding of mineral-rich foods. We must eat more of the foods mentioned above in our daily life and form a good habit of balanced diet. Only in this way can we fully supplement various nutrients needed by the body and reduce the possibility of various diseases.


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