• Everyone says they need to supplement calcium, so how can we promote calcium absorption? Let's give these a try!

    There are many types of trace elements required by the human body, including
    iron, zinc, fluorine, iodine, etc. In addition to these trace elements, the
    human body also needs various other trace elements, such as magnesium, copper,
    manganese, cobalt, molybdenum, selenium, etc. Although these elements are
    extremely small in content in the human body, they have strong biological
    scientific effects. In addition to some common trace elements, there are also
    some elements that are not com

  • Trace: Liquid Ion B12 | To have a healthy body, a strong physique, and an essential boost to immunity

    Immunity refers to the body's ability to fight against diseases and
    infections. It is a complex system composed of multiple cells, organs, and
    molecules. Immunity can function through both innate and acquired immunity.Congenital immunity is an innate immune defense mechanism in the human body,
    which can generate resistance without prior contact with pathogens to protect
    the body from infection. This system consists of skin, mucosa, macrophages,
    natural killer cells, etc.Acquired im

  • Trace: Children's multi vitamin chewable tablets, children's nutrition medicine keep up, these elements are indispensable!

    When our lives are not only busy every day, but also become mothers and fathers, the growth and development of children is undoubtedly a very important part. Therefore, various nutrients and soups are put on the table, and we watch children eat them happily. We think they can be tall and have a great body, but the result is that they are much shorter than their peers. So, what specific nutrients should be supplemented for children to grow up healthy, Let's take a look together.1 ProteinIt is

  • What should osteoporosis be done? How can trace magnesium tablets help alleviate it

    Time treats everyone equally. From the aging of our skin to the degradation of bodily functions, even the bones that make up the human body cannot escape. The disappearance and passage of bones often determine the health of our bones, so maintaining bones and preventing osteoporosis is naturally extremely important.How to treat osteoporosis1. Adjust diet: Eat more high calcium foods, such as dairy, meat and soy products, etc;2. Moderate exercise: Pay attention to aerobic exercise, such as walkin

  • Dizziness, fatigue, inability to see clearly, possibly due to a lack of sodium element. Trace will teach you a trick to handle it

    Sodium is an important inorganic element in the human body that maintains the balance of acid and base in the body. It is also a component of pancreatic juice, bile, sweat, and tears. Many people may experience fatigue and dizziness if they do not replenish sodium in a timely manner after intense exercise and sweating. Similarly, if our body lacks sodium, there may be symptoms. So, how do we determine whether we are lacking sodium and how to supplement it? Let's take a look together.Symptoms

  • Trace liquid coenzyme Q10 drink: If you experience these symptoms in your body, be careful not to come to your door with high blood lipids!

    Hyperlipidemia can be seen in people of different ages and genders. As age increases, the incidence rate increases, with the peak incidence occurring between the ages of 50 and 69. Before the age of 50, males are higher than females, and after 50, females are higher than males. Some familial hyperlipidemia can also be seen in infants. So what are the symptoms of high blood lipids and how should they be prevented? Let's take a look.What are the causes of hyperlipidemia?Primary hyperlipidemiaP

  • Trace Liquid Coenzyme Q10 Drink: The King of Chronic Diseases with Hyperlipidemia! Don

    The Report on the Nutrition and Chronic Disease Status of Chinese Residents (2020) shows that the overall incidence of hyperlipidemia among residents aged 18 and above in China is as high as 35.6%, which has caused a serious disease burden.Hyperlipidemia refers to elevated blood lipids, including hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglyceridemia, and so on. Hyperlipidemia may not cause any uncomfortable feeling, but it may cause a series of diseases, such as atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and

  • Trace: Low sodium trace mineral drops often cause dizziness, limb fatigue, and difficulty concentrating? You may have this problem

    Many people may have experienced dizziness, limb weakness, and difficulty concentrating, but few people know what this means.I just feel that my mental state may not be very good recently. After a period of time, if my state improves, then there will be no such problems.But in fact, the frequent occurrence of these problems means that the body actually lacks sufficient trace elements, especially sodium.So how can we solve this problem?1. Diversified dietTry to enrich the types of daily diet as m

  • Trace: Magnesium tablets have been hit by osteoporosis, and it's clear that you should eat three meals on time every day. What exactly is the problem?

    Time treats everyone equally, from the aging of our skin to the degradation of our body functions, even the bones that make up the human body cannot escape. The disappearance and passage of bones often determine the health of our bones. Therefore, it is extremely important to maintain bones and prevent osteoporosis.Osteoporosis is a health problem characterized by low bone cold content, destruction of bone tissue microstructure, increased bone fragility, and susceptibility to fractures. In 2001,

  • Trace: Liquid vitamin D3 drink supplements calcium every day, but the result is still osteoporosis? What exactly is the problem?

    Nowadays, many people know that if bones are bad, they need to take calcium supplements.But what they don't know is, why do some people supplement calcium every day, but bones still have osteoporosis and are prone to fractures?In fact, this has to mention the absorption of calcium by the human body.We need to know that our body is not a container, it is not just a matter of injecting nutrients into it to firmly hold it all, but rather to absorb only a portion.During this process, some people

  • Trace: Do ketogenic electrolyte tablets often feel flustered and weak, and have cramps in their limbs? So you need to have a good understanding of electrolytes

    I believe many people do not know what electrolyte means, and some may even have never heard of it.However, whether you have heard of it or not, you must have experienced reactions of electrolyte imbalance, such as palpitations and fatigue, dry lips and tongue, loss of skin elasticity, and limb cramps.So what is electrolyte? Why do people experience electrolyte imbalance? How can we solve the problem of electrolyte imbalance?Firstly, electrolytes are substances that are bound by ionic or polar c

  • Trace: Children's Multi vitamin Chewing Tablets Have Clever Tips for Proper Growth! To achieve comprehensive improvement, you have to be aware of these trace elements~


  • Trace: Liquid ion chromium often causes constipation, hair loss, and weight gain due to rubbing? Teach you 3 ways to improve your metabolism


  • Trace: Sleep Tablets | Getting Full Score Sleep is Not Difficult! Write down these treasure grade dry goods and enjoy a relaxing sleep every night~


  • Trace: Liquid Ion B12 | To have a strong body, lock in the key! Quickly pay attention to the body's immune system~


  • Trace: Compression tablets | There are ways to resist pressure! Don't let the ubiquitous internal pressure overwhelm your body, these dry goods help you fill out a perfect life answer sheet!


  • Trace: Sleep film | Work, taking care of children, gathering with family and friends Don't let complexity fill the night, master high-quality sleep methods, these dry goods must be seen!


  • Children picky food nutrition can not keep up? It is best to master these 4 tricks, the child's body is better

    Why do many people say that taking care of a child is not easy? The main reason is because children need to obtain a variety of nutrients during the growth period, in order to support physical development.But today's children, nine out of ten are picky eaters, even if parents prepare enough nutrients for their children in three meals a day.But the child is picky and does not eat, it is all useless after all.Faced with this situation, what can parents do?1. Involve children in food preparatio

  • Trace calcium and magnesium tablets: Teeth bones send out distress, emergency calcium and magnesium supplements! You should do this

    Leg cramps, nails are easy to break, teeth are loose, insomnia is easy to wake up, do not take these symptoms seriously? Watch out! It could be a sign that your body is lacking calcium.Calcium is a vital element for our bodies. Calcium plays a vital role in maintaining bone density and strength, and is the link that maintains the skeletal system to effectively support the body, drive muscle movement, and protect internal organs. The enamel, dentin and cementum in tooth tissue are all highly calc

  • Trace Sleep film: Long-term insomnia can't sleep, always tossing and turning in bed? Teach you three ways to sleep until dawn

    Out of 1.4 billion people in our country, do you know how many people are upset because of insomnia?A survey by the Chinese Sleep Research Society found that more than 300 million people in China have sleep disorders, some of them have to stay up until two or three in the morning to sleep, and some people go to bed early, but they always turn over and over in bed, and it is difficult to fall asleep.Why is insomnia becoming such an insurmountable nightmare for so many? Is there really nothing we



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