Can vitamin d3 grow tall? Explain the four roles of vitamin D3?

Vitamin D is a nutrient needed by the human body, which can promote the absorption of calcium and promote the development of bones and teeth. Once the lack of vitamin D, the growth will be slow. Especially vitamin D3 is an important nutrient element in vitamin D, and many foods in our life contain vitamin D3. Here again it is important to accept the three functions of vitamin D3 in detail.


First, it promotes calcification of the bones

Vitamin D3 can effectively promote the absorption of calcium, especially can promote the growth and development of bones, vitamin D3 can keep the level of lemon hydrochloric acid in the blood to a normal level, can effectively reduce kidney damage.

Second, prevent rickets in children

Vitamin D3 can effectively promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the body, can promote bone metabolism, but also can prevent rickets in children and infants convulsions and osteomalacia and other diseases in adults.

Third, prevent dental caries

Regular use of vitamin D3 can protect the health of teeth, especially to promote tooth development, prevent dental caries are good.

Fourth, prevent diabetic hypertension

Vitamin D3 is good for regulating the blood sugar level of the human body, as well as preventing hypertension and other diseases, especially people in bad mood after taking vitamin D3 can also regulate their mood.

How to supplement vitamin D3?

There are many ways to supplement vitamin D3, such as regularly basking in the sun, and pay attention to diet regulation, especially taking health care products can play a good supplement effect, and a variety of fish, animal liver and even butter and butter are all the food containing vitamin D3, in addition to paying attention to food supplement, You also need to pay attention to sunbathing to ensure that you get vitamin D3.

Vitamin D3 has high nutritional value, which can help the human body to promote the development of bones and teeth. Vitamin D3 should be supplemented by daily food. It is also necessary to ensure that sunbathing, so that the body can fully absorb vitamin D3.


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