Effects of multivitamins Reasons to take multivitamins

Nowadays, with the improvement of people's living standards, dietary nutritional supplements have been introduced into millions of households, and multivitamins are one of the kinds that people take on a daily basis. What does it do? Why take multivitamins?

First, the role of multivitamin tablets

Multivitamin tablets, simply put, this is a collection of a variety of vitamins, minerals products. Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients for human body, which have an important influence on human metabolism, immune regulation and other aspects. The role of multivitamin tablets, is to supplement the body needs vitamins and minerals.

Some may wonder why we should take multivitamin tablets when vitamins, although not synthesized by most humans, are widely found in food.

Second, the reason for taking multivitamin tablets

1. Eating habits

Some dietary habits will affect the loss of vitamins and minerals in food, and may also cause the body to increase the consumption of vitamins and minerals. For example, vitamin C is usually found in fresh fruits and vegetables, but if stored for a long time, or cooked at high temperatures, it can lead to significant vitamin C loss. Or long-term consumption of high oil, high sugar food, oil and sugar need to be metabolized in the liver, will consume a large number of vitamin B group.

2. Physiological characteristics

Due to the physiological characteristics of different people such as gender and age, it is easy to lead to vitamin and mineral deficiency. For example, women's need for vitamins and minerals such as iron and folic acid increases due to their periods. Due to the decline of chewing function and gastrointestinal absorption function in the elderly, vitamins and minerals obtained from food are naturally insufficient.


3. Living habits

Some bad living habits may lead to a large amount of vitamin and mineral consumption in the body. For example, smoking depletes vitamin C in the body, prolonged eye use depletes vitamin A in the eyes, stress and anxiety depletes B vitamins, and so on.

If the intake of vitamins and minerals is not enough, it will affect the body's metabolism, which leads to weakened immunity and other problems. for


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