What is the specific role of calcium magnesium tablet?

As the skeleton of our species, bones are vital to us. Especially in recent years, the aging of Chinese population is becoming more and more serious. Up to now, the number of osteoporosis in China has exceeded 90 million, ranking the first in the world, and the prevention and control situation of bone health is grim. The incidence of osteoporosis in women is much higher than that in men.


Bones are the supporting structures of the body, protecting our internal organs and supporting our muscle movement. It's also a reservoir of calcium and other nutrients that are important for maintaining heart health, nervous system function, muscle contraction, and other important physiological functions of the human body. If we do not pay attention to bone health, the risk of osteoporosis, fractures and other diseases will be greatly increased.

According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation, an osteoporotic fracture occurs every three seconds worldwide, and about one in three women and one in five men will suffer a first osteoporotic fracture after the age of 50. With 8.9 million new osteoporotic fractures each year and hip fractures expected to increase 310 percent in men and 240 percent in women from 1990 to 2050, these statistics are another reminder of the importance of paying attention to bone health.

In life, whether walking, running, dancing or doing housework, healthy bones are needed as a foundation. We need to have some core information to promote bone health. Nutrition, exercise, and sun exposure are good for promoting or maintaining bone mass. In addition, in sports, we should scientifically prevent injury, take good care of the whole body bones and joints, in order to maintain continuous walking power. By age, children and teenagers need to correct posture and posture, less sedentary more exercise; People over the age of 40 should test and understand their bone density to prevent osteoporosis. Older people should pay more attention to strength and balance exercises to prevent falls and fractures.

For young people, adequate exercise can lead to higher bone storage and prevent rapid bone loss in old age. Although exercise does not increase bone density in older adults, it can slow the loss of bone mass in stressed areas. To conserve bone and slow bone loss, start young.

It is important to take calcium and vitamin D freely, eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and avoid smoking and alcohol. We need to do more outdoor activities, spend more time in the sun and take active part in physical exercise. This is because exercise can promote our blood circulation, can increase bone nutrition, can improve the absorption and utilization of calcium substances, reduce bone decalcification and delay bone aging.

In the diet, need a balanced proportion of nutrition. Eat more foods containing calcium and vitamin D, such as milk, bean products, fish, eggs, lean meat, green leafy vegetables, kelp, seaweed, shrimp and other foods, among them, shrimp contains calcium quality is the highest, often eat these foods, has a great benefit for bones.

In addition, reasonable dietary nutrition supplement is also a good choice. Trace calcium and magnesium tablets, designed for middle-aged and elderly people who need to prevent bone health problems, suitable for fractures, osteoporosis, loose teeth. Its main component is calcium, combined with magnesium, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, vitamin C, vitamin D, iron, herbal complex and other beneficial nutrients for the body, help bone health.


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