Trace liquid Coenzyme Q10 drink | heart crisis really kill! Don't worry, grasp these dry goods to wake up the heart power ~

Have you ever had this situation? Sudden sudden pain in the chest without warning, the heart beats faster without stimulation, and so on, how serious it is that it seems to be OK later, why do these things happen? Let's take a look!


The heart is one of our important organs, and the role of the heart is to promote blood flow, provide adequate blood flow to organs and tissues, to supply oxygen and various nutrients, and take away the end products of metabolism, so that cells maintain normal metabolism and function. Various endocrine hormones and some other humoral factors in the body also transport them to the target cells through the blood circulation to achieve body fluid regulation and maintain a relatively constant internal environment. In addition, the realization of blood defense function, as well as the relatively constant regulation of body temperature, also depends on the continuous circulation of blood in the blood vessels.

The adult heart weighs about 300 grams, its role is huge, for example, a person in a quiet state, the heart beats about 70 times per minute, each time pumping 70 milliliters of blood, it is about 5 liters of blood per minute, so the work of a person's heart lifetime pumping blood is about equivalent to the work of lifting 30,000 kilograms of objects up to the summit of the Himalayas. The myocardium that makes up the heart contracts and diastole rhythmically to form the beat of the heart. When the heart muscle contracts, it pushes blood into the arteries and around the body; When the myocardium diastole, blood flows back to the heart through the veins. Therefore, the beating of the heart promotes the flow of blood and is the power source of blood transport.

Although the heart is small, but the role is very large, can contract the body's blood, nutrients and oxygen supply to the whole body, to ensure the normal operation of the human body; So how do we treat it properly in our daily lives?

1. Mood

Usually pay attention to warm, timely increase or decrease clothes. Stop smoking and drinking, avoid staying up late and overworking; Keep a happy mood and avoid excessive anxiety, sadness and other bad emotions. Do not let tension, fear, anger, anxiety and other negative emotions lead to peripheral blood and coronary artery contraction, resulting in myocardial ischemia, arrhythmia, etc.

2. Diet

From the perspective of healthy lifestyle, to achieve low salt, low fat healthy diet, eat more green vegetables and fruits, such as spinach, romaine, apples, pears, etc., staple food can be properly paired with some whole grains, increase the intake of vitamins and cellulose. Eat less greasy, fried food.

3. Sports

Moderate exercise is good for the heart, especially aerobic exercise, can enhance the function of the heart, let the heart beat regularly and strongly, and then regulate the blood circulation, so that the heart better maintain health, reduce the risk of heart disease. Aerobic exercise includes swimming, jogging, yoga, etc., you can choose your own exercise according to your own situation;

4. Scientific supplement

Traec's Liquid Coenzyme Q10 drink is one of the most precious heart care products in the health category, helping to maintain energy and endurance. Coenzyme Q10 can also avoid free radicals in the blood and the production of low-density fat eggs, especially in reducing the incidence of myocardial infarction in patients with hyperlipidemia and heart coronary atherosclerosis, which is suitable for people who are uncomfortable with the heart and want to care for heart health.


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