trace Liquid ionic chromium: If you want to live a life without blood sugar control, this thing may help you!

We all know that blood sugar is closely related to diabetes, and diabetes is one of the three high, chronic and incurable, but also accompanied by many complications, no one wants to suffer from it. However, you have not noticed that in recent years, the number of people with diabetes seems to be increasing; To say what the specific cause is, it is really difficult to say where the root cause is, because the occurrence and development of diabetes is affected by a variety of factors, including genetics, environment, lifestyle, social economy and other aspects, the cause is complex.


The elderly are one of the high-risk groups for diabetes, because with the increasing age, insulin secretion and sensitivity will decrease, and the function of the islets will gradually decline. In addition, the elderly are often accompanied by other chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, cardiovascular disease, etc., which will also greatly increase the risk of diabetes. Then there's obesity. Because obesity causes the body to become resistant to insulin, insulin can not effectively transport glucose from the blood into the cell, resulting in a rise in blood sugar.

When a person's blood sugar is too high for a long time, unchecked and allowed to develop, then the person's body will have the following changes:

1. Impaired kidney function. Long-term hyperglycemia is the manifestation of diabetes, and is likely to lead to the occurrence of diabetic nephropathy, because high blood sugar or blood sugar fluctuation is the most fundamental cause of diabetic nephropathy; If you don't pay attention, you may develop kidney failure and uremia.

2. Electrolyte disturbance. Because glucose must be dissolved in water to be excreted by the kidney with urine, so when glucose is excreted by the kidney, it will inevitably take away a lot of water in the body, the more sugar in the urine, the more water taken away from the body, resulting in water electrolyte metabolism disorders. This is why people with diabetes drink too much and urinate too much.

3. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. 60% to 70% of patients with coronary heart disease have high blood sugar, and repeated high blood sugar makes it easier for fat to enter the blood vessel wall and cause damage.

4. Decreased vision and blindness. High blood sugar will make the blood viscosity increase, blood vessels become thinner, resulting in capillaries clogged in the eye, which will cause vision loss; If left untreated, blindness can occur within a short period of time.

5. Diabetic foot. Chronic high blood sugar can cause peripheral neuropathy in the extremities, resulting in a gradual loss of temperature perception and pain, and a greater risk of injury to the feet. Due to the long-term influence of hyperglycemia, the lower limb blood vessels become sclerotic, the blood vessel elasticity decreases, thrombosis is easy to form, blood vessel occlusion, and finally large-scale damaged tissues appear.

If you want to control your blood sugar properly, you should do the following things:

1. Keep moving

Exercise is a natural "hypoglycemic drug", the body needs to consume calories in the process of activity, so as to absorb sugar in the blood. Insist on exercise for 1 hour a day, can strengthen physical fitness, but do not overeat after exercise. Because exercise can both reduce blood sugar and increase the hypoglycemic effect of insulin.

Two, less oil and less salt is healthier

Usually when cooking, you can put less oil, and use the way of steaming and stewing cold mix. Daily cooking salt limit of 3 grams, combined with high blood pressure or kidney disease, control within 2 grams. In addition to oil, salt should be put less when cooking, onion, ginger and garlic curry powder, cinnamon and pepper can be used in appropriate amounts.

3. Monitor blood sugar regularly

Once the body is aware of the warning signals (polyuria, hunger, thirst, vision changes, etc.), it is necessary to do daily blood sugar monitoring in time to understand their own blood sugar levels and changes, so that doctors can make more reasonable diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

4. Select liquid ionic chromium

Chromium is a trace mineral needed by humans, and it is an important part of the processes that support healthy blood sugar and energy metabolism. Chromium also helps reduce cravings for sweets, helps reduce body fat, increases lean muscle tissue, and helps boost metabolism to maintain ideal weight. trace brand of this liquid ionic chromium recommended to everyone, high blood sugar can try.


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