Trace magnesium tablets: Want to body beauty that "magnesium" is indispensable

Magnesium is one of the essential trace elements for the human body, and the recommended daily intake of magnesium is 400-420 mg per day for men, 310-320 mg per day for women, and more for pregnant women. The total amount of magnesium in the human body is about 21-28g, ranking 11th among the elements that constitute the body. 57% of magnesium in the body is found in bone, about 40% in soft tissues, and the rest in body fluids. It can be seen that the content of magnesium in the human body is relatively high, and we have to take in so much magnesium every day, what is the role of magnesium? First of all, magnesium is involved in almost all metabolic processes in the body, and its content in the cell is second only to potassium. Magnesium affects the "channels" through which potassium, sodium, and calcium ions move inside and outside cells, and maintains biofilm potential. Magnesium is one of the components of bone and teeth, and is also an indispensable substance in the operation of nerves and muscles.


So what kind of harm does the lack of magnesium cause to human health?

The most obvious signs are fatigue and muscle cramps. If magnesium in the body is insufficient for a long time, it will affect health in many ways, and even lead to osteoporosis.

Magnesium can prevent the abnormal precipitation of calcium and other heavy metals in brain cells, avoid inflammation of nerves in the brain, as long as there is inflammation, magnesium has played a function, guarding the ion channels of cells, not allowing heavy metals to enter the cells.

Without enough magnesium to protect the adrenal glands, it is easy to stimulate the body's production of fight-or-flight hormones, namely adrenaline and norepinephrine, which can cause rapid heart rate, increased blood pressure, and heart palpitations. The more severe the deficiency, the more adrenaline will be produced. Magnesium calms nerves and relaxes muscles, helping to reduce anxiety and panic.

How do we get enough magnesium?

First, nuts and plant seeds are good sources of magnesium, and most nuts and plant seeds are rich in plant proteins, vitamins and minerals. This makes them an excellent snack to support your body. Whether you eat raw nuts or nut butters, your body will thank you for your magnesium boost.

This is followed by dark leafy greens, which are an important part of many meals. You can wilt them and season them as a side dish, eat them raw as a base for salads, or even crisp them in the oven as a healthy alternative to potato chips. Not all green leafy vegetables are created equal when it comes to magnesium content. Dark leafy green vegetables have a higher magnesium content than light green vegetables such as lettuce.

Finally, Trace magnesium tablets are rich in magnesium, and compared with food, it is easier to obtain and digest. Many people with magnesium deficiency are post-surgery or post-pregnancy patients, and their bodies suffer great damage and their digestive ability becomes worse, making it more difficult to obtain Trace elements in food. Therefore, suitable magnesium supplements are very important for them, and of course, Trace magnesium tablets are also very good for people who suffer from magnesium deficiency or want to supplement magnesium daily


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