Trace: Liquid Vitamin D3 drink | If you want to boost your immunity overall, exercise and diet are not enough? The status of these members is equally important!

They come from our lives, although the size is small, but its role is extremely critical, related to body growth, metabolism and play an important role in the development process.

And who are these members? In fact, it is - vitamins yo, hidden in the fruits and vegetables around you.

Although vitamins are not involved in building human cells in the body, nor do they provide energy for the body. However, vitamins will actively participate in the biochemical reaction of the human body and regulate the metabolic function of the human body. If the vitamin intake is insufficient, it will lead to the loss of balance of the human metabolism, which will lead to the decline of immunity and may lead to malnutrition and susceptibility to various diseases.

Scientific studies have found that at least 30 different compounds are considered "vitamins," and more than 20 of them are known to be essential for biological health.

Unlike carbohydrates, fats and proteins, vitamins make up only a small proportion of natural foods, but they are necessary for the human body. Some vitamins, such as C and A, can be synthesized by bacteria in the intestinal tract of animals, and the amount of synthesis can meet the needs of animals. Animal cells can convert tryptophan into niacin, but not enough is produced to meet demand. Vitamin C can be synthesized by animals other than primates and guinea pigs. Plants and most microbes synthesize vitamins on their own and do not need to be supplied from outside the body.

And like the lack of vitamin C, will often feel tired, often easy to catch a cold, cough, resistance decline, gums often bleed, the wound is difficult to heal, tongue has deep marks; Lack of vitamin A, will bring rough skin, itching, nails appear deep white line, hair dry, memory loss, irritability and insomnia, eye conjunctiva dry, the majority of male friends are more likely to form urinary tract stones.

Of course, we only mentioned the health problems caused by the deficiency of two vitamins, but it does not mean that there is nothing more, so what are the ways to consume these?

In daily life, in addition to bananas, apples, oranges and other fruits and pork, beef, chicken and other meats, the choice of Trace brand liquid vitamin D3 liquid is also a very suitable decision, the main ingredients include vitamin D3, magnesium, ion mineral substances, etc., to improve the body's absorption of calcium and phosphorus. The plasma calcium and plasma phosphorus levels reached saturation level; Promote growth and bone calcification, promote dental health; Maintain normal levels of citrate in the blood; Prevent kidney loss caused by amino acids through the kidney; It can also improve the immune capacity of the human body, and the elderly and children can also take it


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