Trace Sleep: What to do about poor sleep quality? Remember these tips to save your sleep

The problem of sleep quality has become a very common problem in modern society, many people are troubled by poor sleep quality, mainly because of the fast pace of modern life, life pressure, all kinds of emotional depression in the heart, it is easy to fall asleep difficulty, insomnia, shallow sleep, easy to wake up, dream and other sleep problems, long-term poor sleep quality will lead to no spirit during the day, Physical fatigue affects the normal operation of the body, and even produces various diseases, which affects the normal study, work and life.


First, let's do a simple sleep quality test to see if you're getting good sleep.

1. You can fall asleep within 30 minutes

If you are ready to fall asleep and still can't fall asleep after lying in bed for half an hour, it means you have trouble falling asleep.

2. Waking up less than twice in the middle of the night

If you wake up for more than 5 minutes more than twice a night, you have a sleep maintenance disorder. This is normal only for people over 65.

3. You can fall asleep quickly after waking up

If you wake up about 2 hours earlier than usual, and can not fall asleep again, this is a sleep problem, belongs to the early wake up, if you can wake up within 20 minutes to fall asleep again, there is not much of a problem.

If you can meet the above three standards at the same time, it means that your sleep quality is up to standard, if not, it means that there is a problem with your sleep quality, which needs attention and timely improvement. Here are some tips to help you improve your sleep quality.

Exercise at a certain intensity. Exercise makes the body feel tired, and body fatigue contributes to deep sleep, improve sleep quality, a certain intensity of exercise such as fast running, jumping rope, swimming, etc., can promote sleep, and high-intensity exercise can also promote blood circulation, improve cardiovascular function and body regulation ability, so as to further promote sleep. However, it is necessary to pay attention not to do too high intensity exercise before going to bed, and you can do some soothing exercises before going to bed, such as walking and yoga to relax your body and mind and promote sleep.

Develop a regular sleep routine. Maintaining a fixed sleep habit and going to bed on time every day helps us to cultivate the body's sleep clock. Once a healthy biological clock is formed, when it comes to a certain sleep time, the body's spontaneous biological clock will affect the secretion of hormones, so it will be very easy to fall asleep.

Stay away from caffeine and alcohol. Before going to bed to avoid the intake of caffeine and alcohol and other stimulating food, such as coffee, tea, wine, a variety of functional drinks, coffee and tea contain caffeine, will let us in an excited state, is not conducive to sleep, drinking is not conducive to deep sleep, but also easily cause a lack of wake up.

Take sleep tablets to improve. Poor sleep quality can also be improved by taking internal sleep tablets, Trace brand of this sleep tablet is very suitable, its main ingredients are magnesium, chloride, sodium, potassium, herbal mixture, trace ionic minerals, GABA, L-theanine, sulfate, boron citrate, etc., can help improve sleep quality, very suitable for people with poor sleep quality.


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