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Sleep will always accompany our lifetime physiological action, and when to start there is no real understanding of its importance; Why sleep? Why do people need sleep? These questions may wish to follow the pace of this article together!


In the busy every day, the human brain is always active, consuming a lot of energy, when feeling the stress state can actually be said to be the brain in a state of exhaustion, and let the tired brain rest, sleep is a very effective stress reduction method. Proper sleep can restore physical strength, restore spirit, and make people more energetic to meet the next day's work or study. If you do not sleep for a long time or sleep badly, it will be a double blow to the body and spirit, insomnia will lead to career frustration, high incidence of accidents, long-term insomnia people can lead to poor professional behavior, poor concentration, memory loss, work ability decline, the probability of accidents is twice that of normal people. 

At the same time, sleep for us, can enhance immunity, rehabilitation of the body: under normal circumstances, the human body can produce antibodies to various invasive antigenic substances, and through the immune response to remove it, to protect human health. Sleep can enhance the body's ability to produce antibodies, thereby enhancing the body's resistance; At the same time, sleep can also speed up the self-healing of various tissues and organs.

But how can we ensure quality sleep for ourselves or our families? It is very important to do the following:

First of all, try to do moderate fatigue, appropriate work rhythm makes us feel tired at the same time, can help improve the quality of sleep, and you can try jogging, walking, etc., but should not try to do strenuous exercise, aggravate insomnia, the second choice to soak the feet in hot water is conducive to sleep, soak for a while, you can soak the feet at the same time rub the calf, Then tap the muscles on both sides of the calf in front of the calf. Soak your feet for about 30 minutes, not too long, and do not fall asleep immediately after soaking your feet.

Finally, the use of Trace brand of sleep tablets is also a very good way, this good owner is for the sleep quality problems, anxiety of the vast population, the key ingredient: gamma-aminobutyric acid, is a naturally occurring non-protein amino acid, is an important inhibitory nerve transmission substance in the central nervous system. According to authoritative data, GABA is used as a transmitter in about 30% of central nervous synapses, which plays an important role in the human cerebral cortex, hippocampus, thalamus, basal ganglia and cerebellum, and has a regulatory effect on various functions of the body, helping to reduce anxiety. Relax your mood; Help improve the quality of sleep.


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