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In today's society, people's psychological pressure is increasing, psychological problems and social contradictions are also increasing. How to maintain a good state of mind and a healthy state of life? Today, I will teach you some stress-fighting methods to relax your body and mind. Let's do it together


01 Looking at art helps relieve stress

Researchers at The University of Westminster in the UK took 28 people with stressful jobs to an art gallery to look at artworks for about 40 minutes. They found that compared with before the visit, the level of cortisol hormone in the saliva of the people who visited the art was reduced by 32%, and under normal circumstances, it takes about five hours to reduce the cortisol hormone, indicating that appreciating the art can better release stress.

02Appreciating natural beauty helps relieve stress

Researchers at the University of Washington in the United States divided 90 volunteers into three groups, group A to enjoy a natural beauty, group B to watch TV, group C to look at a blank wall, while monitoring their heart rate changes. The researchers found that natural beauty caused the heart rate of group A to drop faster than that of group B and C. The heart rate of group C volunteers who looked at a blank wall dropped significantly faster than that of group B volunteers who watched TV. The more time group A spent looking at nature, the lower their heart rate. There was no significant change in heart rate in group B who watched TV.

Enjoying the natural scenery can effectively release psychological stress. It is recommended that people with high psychological pressure often go out of the house and into the embrace of nature!

03 Listening to music helps release pressure

Listening to music also helps to reduce pain, relieve stress, divert attention, and control emotions. Music can relax the nerves, trigger a good emotional response, release stress, good health. It is recommended to listen to more soothing or cheerful classical music to release stress.

04 Being grateful helps relieve stress

Grateful people take better care of themselves, lead healthier lifestyles, exercise more and eat a healthier diet. Gratitude has a positive effect, can help people improve immunity, reduce stress; Also, grateful people tend to be more optimistic, and an optimistic attitude helps relieve stress.

People who are grateful for the people and things around them have stronger immune systems, lower rates of high blood pressure, and better health. They say that feeling grateful for something or someone you have, whether it's a room to live in, food to eat, or an accomplishment, stimulates the release of oxytocin, which relaxes nerves and relieves stress. Being grateful can lead to peace of mind and optimism, which is healthy. It is recommended to say thank you regularly for various things, which can help reduce stress and improve physical and mental health.

05 Laughter and optimism can help lower stress levels

The researchers found that 14 of the 20 volunteers had reduced arterial blood flow in their arms while watching the tragic films. When watching a comedy film, 19 out of 20 people had increased blood flow; Laughter increases blood flow by an average of 22 percent; When people are stressed, blood flow decreases by 35 percent. Laughter makes you feel good, lowers blood pressure, lowers stress hormone levels in the body, exercises the diaphragm, relieves pain, speeds wound healing, relaxes muscles, increases oxygen intake, improves blood circulation, exercises the heart, boosts immunity and promotes good health.

The ability of the optimistic group to fight colds was significantly stronger than that of the pessimistic group. Compared with those with the lowest level of optimism, those with the highest level of optimism were one-third as likely to catch a cold, suggesting that optimism helps boost immunity. Optimists' judgment of cold condition is obviously lower than the actual situation, while pessimists' judgment of cold condition is generally higher than the actual situation. Optimists generally have healthier lifestyles and significantly lower levels of stress hormones.

Laughter and optimism can release pressure, you can contact more optimistic, humorous people, or read some humorous novels, stories, or watch some comedy movies, crosstalk sketches, etc., can relieve pressure.

06 Exercise helps release stress

Exercise can reduce people's stress, increase pleasant feelings, and help release stress.

More than 60 percent of workers say that exercise improves their mental state, their ability to withstand stress, and their ability to be inclusive.

Getting enough sleep helps relieve stress

Women who slept poorly reported greater psychological stress, higher insulin levels, more inflammation, a higher risk of stroke, and more depressive symptoms than women who slept well.

People who don't get enough sleep are more stressed, prone to dissatisfaction and anger, and more likely to overeat. The greater the pressure, it may also lead to sleep disorders, stress and sleep disorders may form a vicious circle.

Sometimes our desire is too high, too strong, so the psychological pressure is very big, live very tired. Let us properly reduce the desire, do not compare, simplify life, you can be content. If your pace is too fast, slow down, slow down your speech, slow down your work, slow down your life. In this way, the pressure will be effectively relieved.

This anti-stress tablet is also a good choice for people who are stressed or easy to fatigue and poor sleep, which can make us replenish energy and vitality and actively face the pressure and difficulties in life.


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