trace sleep film: insomnia and dream, fatigue easy to wake up pain who understand ah! You don't want to keep having trouble sleeping, do you?

The fast pace and high pressure of life have caused a lot of harm to people's physical health. Among them, insomnia is a thing that many people are very distressed. Good sleep can make people energetic, lack of sleep or poor sleep quality, will make people can not lift up many things, so be sure to pay attention to their sleep quality, you can start from the following.


1. Stick to a regular, healthy schedule

A good work and rest habit can help improve many small physical problems. Developing a good rest habit and adjusting your biological clock is very important for sleep. Those who insist on early to bed and early to rise in life are usually not bothered by insomnia, because their bodies have been used to this schedule, and they will be sleepy at a certain time in the evening, and they will naturally fall asleep.

2. Watch your eating habits

If the quality of sleep is not good, you can appropriately eat dinner a little earlier, generally two hours before going to bed is better, so that the stomach can digest the food in advance, there will be no sense of fullness, fullness will affect people's normal sleep. After dinner, try not to eat too much snacks, before going to bed should not drink a lot of water, dinner should not eat too full, to avoid stomach pressure affect sleep, of course, do not eat dinner or eat too little in order to avoid satiety, hunger state, is also not conducive to sleep.

3. Pay attention to your exercise time

In the afternoon, you can do some exercise, exercise in the afternoon can help sleep, because after exercise, the body's function will need to rest, in the evening, you can easily fall asleep. However, in the time before going to bed, it is not appropriate to do strenuous exercise, you can move a little, exercise your muscles and bones, too much strenuous exercise before going to bed will make people feel very tired, and will also have a certain impact on sleep.

4. Avoid caffeine and nicotine before bed

When in need of a pick-me-up, some people will choose to make a cup of coffee to drive away sleepy. Caffeine and nicotine, to a certain extent, will make people excited, this feeling of excitement is not conducive to entering a good sleep state, so within two hours before going to bed, should avoid eating caffeinated foods, do not smoke.

5, before going to bed should pay attention to relax

Within half an hour before going to bed, you should relax your mind, do not do high-intensity work, and do not let the brain be in a state of high tension. Half an hour before going to bed, you should put down your work and put yourself in a more comfortable state, you can read some magazines, listen to some soothing music, so that the body and mind are in a more peaceful state, which is conducive to sleep.

Dietary supplements can also help us to adjust our sleep state to a certain extent. This sleep tablet is designed for people with insomnia, which is rich in magnesium to regulate the excitation state of neuromuscle, and herbal mixture can help calm and sleep, which is very suitable for people with insomnia or sleep problems, easy fatigue, and stay up late.


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