Trace liquid Vitamin D3 liquid: Grow tall and add new problems, daily calcium supplement or lack? Maybe it wasn't the right approach

Nowadays, parents pay special attention to the healthy growth of their children, and one of the most concerned health problems is height. In order to let the child's height grow normally, parents also learn a lot of relevant knowledge. For example: pay attention to balanced diet (eat more foods rich in protein and calcium); Keep exercising; Keep a regular and steady routine...

Among them, calcium supplement through food is the most used method in parents' daily life, the importance of calcium supplement is also well known to the public, but did you know? If you want to grow tall, you can not only pay attention to the supplement of calcium, but also pay attention to the absorption of calcium by the human body; If people consume too much calcium and do not absorb it effectively, it can cause pain in the body and block blood vessels.


So what can be done to help calcium absorption better?

1, in the diet avoid high salt, high oxalic acid food, processed food, supplement excessive protein

a, research shows that the kidney excretes 1000mg of sodium at the same time, the body will lose 26mg of calcium, therefore, if the daily salt intake is too much, calcium consumption will increase, bone density will be reduced, height growth is also affected.

b, vegetables and fruits with high oxalate content, such as: bamboo shoots, beets, spinach, beans, celery, etc., the oxalate produced after consumption will easily combine with calcium into the intestine to form calcium oxalate that is difficult to be absorbed by the human body.

c, processed foods contain phosphorus additives, which belong to inorganic phosphorus, inorganic phosphorus is absorbed by the human body probability of up to 90%, excess phosphorus in the body will accelerate the loss of calcium.

D. The importance of protein supplementation has reached the level of household knowledge. The right amount of protein is good for the body and can also promote the absorption of calcium; But too much protein consumes a lot of calcium, making bones brittle and increasing the risk of fracture. In general, an adult intake of 60G-80g protein per day, basically can meet the needs, children intake of 45G-70g protein per day (70g protein is equivalent to 200g lean pork +2 100g eggs), is also enough.

2, more exercise, sun

Sun tender enough to help the human body to get vitamin D. The vitamin D3 source contained in the human skin is manufactured by obtaining ultraviolet rays in the sun and converted into vitamin D. With the assistance of regular exercise, it can help the human body to ingest and absorb calcium components, so that children's bones grow strong and strong.

3, supplement calcium "good partner"

The element "magnesium" helps calcium absorption. The body needs magnesium to absorb and use calcium, and if we consume too much calcium and not enough magnesium, calcium will not be used properly. Magnesium is important for bones, not only to promote calcium absorption, but also to activate vitamin D to make it work better. Magnesium is important, but it's easy to get too little of it. It is recommended that daily diet should pay attention to the intake of foods with high magnesium content.

Or by using the Trace brand of liquid vitamin D3 drink, which contains magnesium, vitamin D3, chloride, trace ionic minerals, etc., can promote the body's effective absorption and utilization of calcium, promote bone health, and help height growth; Supplement the trace elements and minerals needed by the human body to maintain health and prevent disease.


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