Trace: Compression tablets | There are ways to resist pressure! Don't let the ubiquitous internal pressure overwhelm your body, these dry goods help you fill out a perfect life answer sheet!

It cannot be seen or touched, but it is everywhere around us; It is sometimes strong, sometimes weak, and to us, it is like a stone that can never be thrown down. It either serves as a continuous source of power to carry the weight forward, or is mercilessly knocked down and never recovered. But what is it? Actually, there is only one answer - pressure.


With the sharing of the times and society, the contact and interweaving between people and things have become increasingly frequent, and competition is gradually fermenting in it. Therefore, the "dark box" PK between each other is also increasing, and until now it has become a familiar "inner circle". Pressure is further developed in this closed-loop, and thus becomes a cognitive process that more and more people must accept.


At the same time, stress is closely related to external events, such as excessive learning load, poor economic situation, work and career frustration, interpersonal imbalance, environmental pollution, and time allocation loss, which can all be referred to as external pressure; Another example is internal pressure, such as opposition from parents, family and friends during one's marriage, no profit or loss in business investment results, or winning or losing in competitions. Therefore, pressure is generally stimulated by internal and external pressure. When conducting pressure relief, attention should be paid to whether it is mainly caused by external pressure or internal pressure, in order to take effective measures to achieve targeted effects.


In life, learn to say 'no' to certain demands. Whether it's another job offer or adding some personal matters, sometimes it's okay to refuse some invitations. Scatter your schedule and eliminate unnecessary tasks. Give yourself time to be alone to deal with excessive stress; And when we don't have the opportunity to solve the difficulties of life, anxiety will skyrocket. Spend at least 10 minutes a day doing things that make you happy and happy. For example, reading, sports, music, art, painting. Give yourself a chance to take a break and help eliminate physical fatigue and mental stress. Finally, you can also use this pressure resistant tablet under the Trace brand, which mainly consists of herbal compounds, enzyme concentrates, trace ion minerals, sulfates, vitamins, various mineral elements, etc. It can help supplement the body with various trace elements consumed by stress resistance, thereby improving your own stress resistance. It is a good choice for friends who want to improve poor sleep quality, high stress, and more!



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