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A leaf knows autumn. When the leaves around us begin to wither and fall, autumn also quietly arrives, and the same dryness and heat, as well as the temperature difference between day and night, also come with it. This means posing new challenges to our immune system.


Immunity is the body's own defense mechanism, responsible for identifying and eliminating any foreign objects that invade the body, dealing with aging, injury, death, and degeneration of its own cells, as well as the ability to recognize and process mutated cells and virus infected cells in the body. Once the immune system is weakened, people are extremely susceptible to various diseases such as body deficiency and colds as they age. At the same time, their resistance to various viruses and bacteria is worse than normal people, making them more susceptible to infection.


Modern immunology believes that immunity is the physiological response of the human body to recognize and eliminate 'dissidents'. At the same time, the immune system performs this function in the human body, so improving immunity is very important. These several methods can enhance immunity,

1. Outdoor sports

Outdoor activities can promote heat generation, regulate metabolic function, and enhance the excitability and temperature regulation functions of the cerebral cortex. In winter, it is necessary to exercise muscles and bones appropriately and sweat a bit to strengthen the body. Exercise requires a combination of movement and stillness. Running and doing exercises should only be done with a slight amount of sweating, as sweating can lead to a lack of energy, which goes against the principle of storing yang energy in winter.


2. Adequate sleep

According to authoritative research, sufficient sleep can help activate the immune system, while lack of sleep has adverse effects on health and the immune system. During sleep, humans exert immune support functions, increasing the levels of T and B lymphocytes in the blood, thereby promoting host defense against infection and reducing inflammatory damage.


3. Pressure control

Both short-term and long-term accumulated stress can damage our immune system. We should promptly identify and choose appropriate ways to relieve stress. Stress is different for everyone, and the ways to relieve it are also different. Whether it's deep breathing, meditation, or exercise, they are all great ways to relieve stress.


In terms of diet, in addition to paying attention to balanced fiber nutrition, trace substances such as vitamin E, vitamin B, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, etc. can increase the number of immune cells in the human body, especially vitamin B12, which is suitable for alleviating symptoms such as dizziness, lack of appetite, numbness of hands and feet caused by anemia in patients with megaloblastic anemia. It has the effect of regulating nerves and can also alleviate typical symptoms of peripheral neuropathy, including facial sensitivity, pain The feet or hands gradually experience numbness, tingling, muscle weakness, and muscle atrophy, and the liquid ion drinks under the Trace brand are suitable for meeting your intake of these trace elements~



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