Trace: Liquid ion chromium often causes constipation, hair loss, and weight gain due to rubbing? Teach you 3 ways to improve your metabolism

I believe the vast majority of people have heard of the word 'Xin Chen Low Xie', but to say what it means, many people may not be clear.

Metabolism, in simple terms, means the discharge of old substances from our bodies while also absorbing fresh substances from the outside, thereby promoting normal growth and development of the body.


What happens if a person's metabolism goes wrong?

1. Weight gain

Due to the accumulation of too many old substances in the body that cannot be excreted, our weight naturally increases.

2. Constipation

Generally, the main channel for us to excrete old substances from the body is the digestive system.

So if our metabolism is not good, it means we will have uncomfortable feelings such as constipation and bloating.


3. Dry hair and skin

Slower metabolism can lead to slower blood circulation in the skin, resulting in a lack of elasticity and accumulation of keratin, making the skin appear rough and dry.

Similarly, it can also affect the growth rate and regeneration ability of our hair, causing it to dry and fall off one after another.

What should we do in the face of this problem?

1. Sports

Exercise can accelerate the body's metabolism, so we can engage in some aerobic exercise every morning or after work.

For example, outdoor jogging, skipping rope, aerobics, dancing, yoga, etc.

These exercises not only accelerate metabolism, but also accelerate our blood circulation and improve our body's immunity.


2. Drink plenty of water

Increase 500-1000ml of daily water intake to promote diuresis and accelerate metabolic rate.

3. Oral administration of liquid ion chromium

The main components of liquid ion chromium under Trace are magnesium, chromium, chloride, trace ion minerals, and boron.

Chromium is an important component that supports healthy blood sugar and energy metabolism processes. It not only enhances our metabolism but also helps reduce our body fat content, increase lean muscle tissue, and maintain ideal weight.


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