Trace: Children's Multi vitamin Chewing Tablets Have Clever Tips for Proper Growth! To achieve comprehensive improvement, you have to be aware of these trace elements~

When we become mothers and fathers in addition to being busy every day, the growth and development of children are undoubtedly a highly valued part of our lives, and these begin to surround us. So what should we do?


To this end, various nutrients and soups began to be placed on the dining table, watching the children feast on them, thinking they could be tall and physically strong, but in the end, they were much shorter than their peers and caught a cold when the season changed Is it because the method was used incorrectly? No, and this is actually closely related to ensuring nutritional balance.


So besides familiar proteins and calcium, what other elements are essential for children's growth and development? Let's take a look together——

1. Zinc element

According to the latest survey results from the China Institute of Food Hygiene, the zinc deficiency rate of young children in China is as high as 60%, which means that approximately one in every two children may have zinc deficiency. Zinc is involved in protein synthesis and cell division processes, as well as metabolism related to endocrine hormones such as luteinizing hormone, gonadotropin, and follicle stimulating hormone. It plays an important regulatory role in growth and sexual development.


2. Iron element

Iron is extremely important for the growth and development of babies. Iron participates in the synthesis of hemoglobin, which is responsible for the transportation and storage of oxygen in the human body; If iron is lacking for a long time, hemoglobin cannot transport enough oxygen to the body's organs and muscles. Not only is it highly likely to cause symptoms such as low spirits, restlessness, and decreased appetite, but in severe cases, it can also lead to iron deficiency anemia, affecting brain development and causing damage to cognitive development. In addition, it is important to pay attention to supplementing iron in moderation.


3. Vitamin D

Vitamin D exists as a fat soluble vitamin, which is beneficial for promoting the body's absorption and utilization of calcium, improving the body's immune system, and the recommended intake of vitamin D for babies is 10 μ G/day, but the content of vitamin D in both human and cow milk is relatively low, so it is also crucial to consume it from other sources to ensure the normal level of vitamin D in the body.


The above are several high intake trace elements that are closely related to children's growth and development. In addition to relying mainly on dietary intake, it is also a good choice to choose Trace brand's multi vitamin chewable tablets, which contain vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, vitamin K, thiamine and other components that are necessary for growth and development. They can basically meet most of children's nutritional needs, such as zinc, iron Vitamin D is also included.



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